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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gulfstream Aerospace unveils its new G650 cabin interior

Yesterday, October 18, Gulfstream Aerospace unveiled its high range, long-distance G650 Business Jet that will integrate several premieres, the use of Apple iPod Touch/iPhone/iPas capacity motorized seat cabin. Design for two years, inside was recently completed and will be a series of tests in the test flight program in the next six months.

Pres Henne, Senior Vice President, programs, techniques and test for Gulfstream, note in-depth tests scores another first for its interiors aircraft. ""We want to validate the design in a real environment before allowing the G650 clients", Henne said, adding that this includes the test while the aircraft is in flight.

Although designed in-house, Gulfstream employee concepts from cars and boats, with planes for G650, which should become the flagship of the range of products.

Advisory Council society advisory clients, volume 28 per cent more cabin and is making wider 14 inches.The cabin is 75 inches in height and 98 cm long.Gulfstream oval Windows signature in G650, but makes larger in proportion with the largest aircraft. The Windows are 28 inches across and raised 3.4 inches.A new element involving Windows, that Gulfstream executives concede took a bit of engineering work, was the placement of Windows by the kitchen.

In General, a first for Gulfstream and perhaps business jets is the inclusion of two motorized seats which were heated back and cushions, massage back cushion, unique position preset and positions of controls in the press-and-hold total memory-based upright and full of dishes.Controls are based in the outboard .the armrest to inside armrest can be used for storage or optional 12-inch, high-definition monitor.

Cabin systems have been designed with built-in redundancy which prevents their operation even when should a fault occur.Henne said "More than the equipment in the cabin was doubled."An error can occur and this fault message would be sent to the servicing personnel, but the passenger can never notice as redundant systems keep operating.

Gulfstream cabin management system includes the digital control via an Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.Gulfstream developed an application that allows passengers to control lighting, temperature, speakers, monitors, entertainment equipment, window shades, the system CabinView and appeal resulting.The Interior was also designed with details such as lighting in the drawer toilettes.La kitchen and kitchen includes a fridge freezer, sold with cutting boards surface countertops removable and a furnace convection.

Gulfstream is also improving altitude cabin to what they say is lowest in the industry - wide feet level flight of 51,000 feet, 2 800 feet and 41,000 feet.

Gulfstream President Joe Lombardo pointed out that the Interior was designed with standardized parts that will contribute to the ease of installation.The company employs lessons from its experience of the Gulfstream V .lorsque aircraft first put into service, design could go in many directions différentes.Lombardo said "It was not uncommon to have planes in the centres of completion for a year."

Launched in 2005 and publicly unveiled in 2008, Gulfstream G650 fly at speeds up to 0.925 Mach and have a range of up to 7,000 nm.Gulfstream arrested for 200 aircraft and backward extends 2017.Certification expects year next with customer deliveries in 2012.


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